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29 Jul 2016 Savoury

Sausage dogs & Rum and raspberry crush punch

hot dogs and punch sharon hearne smith

You definitely know summer has arrived when you are hit with the unmistakable aroma of a barbeque and the buzz of people that surround it. Whether it’s a family gathering, a celebratory party or simply just your tea, dust down the barbie and bring out your inner cave man.

Serves 8


Wrap each sausage in a strip of bacon and pop them on the barbeque over a moderate heat for about 6-8 minutes, turning frequently, until cooked through.

Split the bread rolls open and pop them face down on the barbeque for 2-3 minutes until golden and warmed through.

Spread the cream cheese on the toasted sides of the rolls and scatter the spring onions, poppy and sesame seeds over.

Sit a dog in the centre and serve at once.


First make a sugar syrup. Simmer the caster sugar and vanilla seeds with 50ml of water, stirring until the sugar dissolves. Continue to simmer for 2-3 minutes until thickened and syrupy. Remove from the heat, add the raspberries and lime juice and leave to cool completely.

The raspberries will have softened, but squish them a little more with a fork. Then pour the raspberry syrup into a large punch bowl and add the rum. Pop the ice and lime slices in, top with soda water and serve at once.

Photo (c) Elisha Clarke

You will need...

8 large, good quality sausages
8 slices of streaky bacon
8 bread rolls
200g cream cheese
a bunch of spring onions, sliced
1 tbsp poppy seeds
1 tbsp sesame seeds

100g caster sugar
seeds from 1 vanilla pod
75ml lime juice (about 3 limes)
250g raspberries
350ml white rum
2 limes, thinly sliced
a few large handfuls of ice
1L soda water, chilled

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