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1 Oct 2016 No Bake Sweet

Peppermint cream buttons

peppermint cream buttons sharon hearne smith

With their minty-fresh flavour and unique texture, peppermint creams are very addictive. These look attractive displayed in a glass jar as a gift. The world is your oyster when it comes to button designs, or just make simple rounds. Be sure to use paste food colours rather than liquids as they don’t make the mixture so wet.

M A K E S about 35 of various sizes

Cut out ten 15cm squares of parchment paper, and also line a large tray with parchment. Sift the icing sugar into a large bowl and stir in the condensed milk and peppermint extract to form a soft dough. Add more peppermint to taste.

Place five equal batches (each about 120g) on paper squares. Cover all but one with cling film to prevent drying out. Add a small dot of food colouring to this one and knead until evenly blended, wearing disposable or rubber gloves to avoid dying your hands. Repeat until you reach your desired shade. Do the same for the other batches, using a different colour each time.

Lay another paper square on top of each batch and roll out to about 5mm thick. Working with one batch at a time and keeping the others covered in the fridge, stamp out any sizes and shapes you like (or for 35 pieces, cut one large, two medium and two small rounds, and two flowers from each batch). Re-roll as necessary and arrange on the lined tray as you go.

Fashion into buttons by pressing the flat side of a bottle cap lightly into the centre to make a dip, or using the other side for a thin rim. Alternatively, use the rim of a glass or jar that fits the button. With the wooden skewer, pierce two or four holes in the centre, and crimp the edges with a fork or the tip of a sharp knife. If they become too soft, return to the fridge to firm up. Arrange on parchment paper on the wire rack as you go.

When finished, leave for at least 12 hours or overnight to dry out. These keep for up to a week, layered between parchment paper in an airtight container.

This recipe is taken from my book, No Bake Baking, available worldwide in all great bookstores and on Amazon.
Photo (c) Donal Skehan.

You will need...

450g icing sugar
175ml condensed milk
1⁄4 tsp peppermint extract, or to taste
Selection of 5 paste food colourings of your choice

7.5cm, 6cm and 2cm round, straight-sided cutters
3cm flower-shaped cutter
Selection of bottle caps, glasses or jars
Wooden skewer
Large wire cooling rack

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