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21 Mar 2016 Savoury

Parmesan crusted pork chop with celeriac mash

This is a pork chop and mash recipe with a difference and is a perfect little tea-time treat. The sour dough crumbs on the pork give a delicious flavour and crunchy bite, but regular breadcrumbs will work well also. The leftover milk from cooking the celeriac can be used to make a cheese sauce or in soups. Serve with steamed kale or peas instead of the broccoli if preferred. I cooked this live on RTE’s ‘Today’ show recently… you can watch it back here.

Serves 4

Place the celeriac and garlic in a pan and pour over enough milk to cover. Bring to the boil, pop the lid on and reduce to simmer gently for 20 minutes, until tender.

To prepare the pork, place the flour on a flat plate, beat the eggs lightly in a wide, shallow dish and toss the breadcrumbs, Parmesan and thyme leaves together along with seasoning in another dish. Toss the chops through the flour, into the egg and then the crumbs until evenly coated all over.

Heat a large frying pan over a medium heat and add the oil and butter. Frazzle the thyme sprigs in the pan for 30 seconds before removing onto kitchen paper to drain. Add the pork chops and cook for 4-5 minutes on each side until crisp, golden and cooked through.

Bring a steamer pan to the boil and pop the purple sprouting broccoli in to cook for 2-3 minutes until just tender.

Once tender, drain the celeriac and garlic from the milk (reserving the milk if liked, see intro). Place in a jug blender and blitz until smooth. Season to taste. This can be made a day or two in advance and reheated through before serving.

Spoon the mash onto each serving plate and rest a pork chop on top. Sit a little of the broccoli to the side. Scatter the frazzled thyme over the pork and serve.

Photo (c) Mark Duggan

You will need...


4 thick pork chops (preferably on the bone)

50g plain flour

2 eggs

150g sourdough breadcrumbs

50g finely grated Parmesan

1 tbsp fresh thyme leaves

1 tbsp olive oil

25g butter

handful fresh, soft thyme sprigs


1 large celeriac, peeled and diced

1 large garlic clove, peeled

600ml whole milk

pinch freshly grated nutmeg

1 tbsp double cream

knob of butter


300g purple sprouting broccoli

wholegrain mustard, optional

Sea salt and freshly ground black pepper

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