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12 Feb 2017 No Cook Savoury

Monkey Mix Breakfast Cereal

I can’t quite remember how this homemade breakfast cereal was named Monkey mix but quite possibly because I first made it for my little ‘monkey’ Pearl. I am not a fan of regular breakfast cereals, finding them far too sugary and salty for my liking. Breakfast is such an important meal, setting you up for the day, so to begin with a sugary meal means things go down hill from there for me. More importantly, I certainly didn’t want to introduce my new daughter Pearl to sugar before she needed to know the addictive and unhealthy reality of it!

You can source all of the ingredients in a health food store or online and supermarkets are beginning to stock them now too. Admittedly, sugar (and gluten) free cereals are more expensive than their less healthy counterparts, but when kids are involved eating it (and I tend to just sprinkle a little on yoghurt and fruit rather than eat by the bowlful) it does tend to last a long time. Besides, its worth it for our health right?!


Simply toss equal quantities of your chosen cereals together in a large bowl (or I find a large food bag, once sealed, makes mixing together easy and mess free). Store in an airtight container for as long as it says on the packs. Serve with milk, sprinkled on fruit and yoghurt or use it to make my No-Bake Gutsy Granola Bars.


Add chia seeds, goji berries, nuts and / or dried fruits to this mix as you please also.

You will need...

Choose an equal amount of a selection (or all) of these:

Quinoa pops
Spelt puffs of flakes
Puffed rice
Millet flakes
Corn flakes
Bran flakes

…all sugar / honey free varieties preferably

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