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13 Jun 2014 No Cook Savoury

Mini Crab Cocktails with Mango & Pomegranate

These pretty little things are irresistable as a fridge nibble, a cute starter or as a canape for party guests. Serve arranged on a nice platter with a small stack of tiny teaspoons and some cute napkins.

1. To make the cocktail sauce, simply mix all of the ingredients together, seasoning to taste.

2. Then, once all your ingredients are prepared, simply layer them up with the sauce in small sherry or shot glasses.

3. I like to arrange them in different colour layers and I also finish with some sauce, then a sprinkling of crab meat, followed by a few pomegrante seeds and a dill sprig to garnish.

4. Cover and refrigerate until ready to serve.

You will need...

150g (5 oz) fresh white crab meat
1/2 head little gem lettuce, very finely shredded
a finger length piece of cucumber, very finely diced
1/2 ripe mango, very finely diced 1 red chilli, deseeded and very finely chopped
a small handful of pomegranate seeds & dill sprigs, to garnish

75g (3 oz) mayonnaise
1 tbsp tomato ketchup
1 tsp brandy
few splashes of tabasco
salt and freshly ground black pepper

Makes 8

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