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13 Apr 2020 No Bake Sweet

Easter Cupcakes Four Ways

Easter Cupcakes four ways:

Easter bonnets

Place a ball of fondant icing in the centre of a butter-creamed cupcake. Use a 6cm side fluted cutter to stamp out a round of rolled fondant icing and drape this over the ball. Gently coax the disc of fondant down and around the ball to give a hat shape. Use a strip of fondant icing as the ribbon around the hat and finish with an edible flower.

Easter chic cupcakes

These are really fun cupcakes for the kids to get creative with themselves. Simply roll out white fondant icing and stamp out a disc to fit the top of a butter-creamed cupcake. Stamp out a star shape from the centre and reserve. Shape the chic using yellow, white and red fondant icing and use a black edible marker for the eyes. Once the chic is in the centre of the cupcake, sit the star cut out on top so it looks like it’s hatching out of an egg!

Chocolate nests

Make a rich, indulgent ganache instead of the usual buttercream. For every four cupcakes, whisk 100g of chopped chocolate into 100ml of hot cream until melted and combined to give a rich chocolate sauce. Leave to cool and thicken. Then, pipe in a nest shape and fill with mini chocolate eggs.

Marshmallow flower

This is sure to keep the kids occupied for a good length of time. Give them a bag of Supervalu pink and white mini marshmallows and a tub or two of different coloured sanding sugars along with Supervalu maderia cupcakes and a bowl of butter-cream icing. They snip the marshmallows in half on the diagonal and press the cut side into the sugar to stick. Then arrange on butter-creamed cupcakes in a flower pattern for impressive results.

Photo (c) Harry Weir

You will need...

My basic butter-cream icing recipe:

Makes enough to top coat 12 cupcakes

50g unsalted butter, softened
75g icing
¼ tsp vanilla extract

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