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3 Sep 2017 Drinks

Blueberry Smoothie

There’s nothing quite like a smoothie at breakfast time to give that feeling of getting away with a treat so early in the day! Of course, this is ideal for any time of day really. I like to add a little fruit juice to mine but you could use coconut water or your preferred milk instead. Substitute the blueberries for other berries like strawberries, raspberries or defrosted forest fruits. Also, you could pour the mixture into ice lolly moulds and set in the freezer for deliciously cooling and healthy pops. Did someone say pops for breakfast?!

Serves 2-4

Simply whiz all the ingredients in a blender until really smooth. Pour into serving glasses and drink immediately.

Photo (c) Cliona O’Flaherty

You will need...

250g blueberries
2 bananas, peeled & cut into chunks
150ml cranberry or pomegranate juice
150ml natural yoghurt
1 tbsp honey to taste (optional)

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